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TBC Brands Launches the ERANGE EV Tire 

Sailun ERANGE EV Eco.Sphere Tire

TBC Brands, a TBC Corporation company, introduces its first-ever tire dedicated to enhancing overall EV and hybrid performance.


Palm Beach Gardens, FL – February 9, 2023 – TBC Brands, one of the largest distributors of private brand tires in North America, introduces its first-ever dedicated electric vehicle tire – the ERANGE – specifically designed, constructed and tested for EV and hybrid applications. The ERANGE strategically addresses the need for tires that enhance EV and hybrid performance, help increase range and deliver a quiet and comfortable driving experience.


ERANGE EV tires are designed to increase the overall range on a single charge, ultimately delivering the best performance from an electric or hybrid vehicle. Utilizing Sailun’s Ecopoint 3 liquid phase mixing technology, the ERANGE has the right balance of long-lasting tire life without sacrificing grip or traction on wet and dry road surfaces.


“The ERANGE Tire is TBC’s first venture in the fast-growing EV and hybrid market,” said Kyle Sanders, Director of Consumer Product Marketing for TBC Brands. “This new tire will immediately make an impact in our product portfolio by providing long-lasting wear, and a quiet, comfortable ride while addressing consumer fear of ‘range anxiety’ all at an unmatched price.”


This all-season tire features a reinforced sidewall design to account for the increased load-bearing capacity of the vehicle’s battery in addition to delivering crisp handling and cornering compared to traditional tires. The ERANGE also features SilentTread™ technology and a variable pitch sequence to deliver an exceptionally quiet ride, backed by proven lab and road testing, to meet the highest of standards.


This EV-designed tire is exclusively distributed in North America by TBC Corporation (TBC Brands, NTW, Midas, Big O Tires, Tire Kingdom and NTB) and is currently available in 32 sizes ranging from 15” to 22” rims. 


The ERANGE features an outstanding warranty protection package including: 


      • 45,000-mile limited treadwear warranty 

      • 1-Year tire road hazard protection plan 

      • Free lifetime replacement for workmanship or material defects