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TBC Corporation Commemorates Automotive Service Professionals Month

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Palm Beach Gardens, FL — June 1, 2022 — TBC Corporation, a leader in the tire and automotive service industry, celebrates Automotive Service Professionals Month by thanking and recognizing all ASE Master Technicians across its well-known retail and franchise brands – NTB Tire & Service Centers , Tire Kingdom Service Centers, Midas and Big O Tires.  


Since these highly trained individuals deserve recognition for providing essential services that keep America moving, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) designated June as Automotive Service Professionals Month. ASE is an independent, non-profit organization, which works to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying repair and service professionals across the country. Its purpose is to protect vehicle owners and provide the peace of mind people expect when they take their car to a mechanic shop. The ASE certifies individuals who have completed an automotive repair training program and tests to ensure they know how to work on mechanical, electrical, and other automotive systems. It’s a road toward better service, better employment, and better for all on the road. 


To become ASE certified, an individual must pass an ASE test and have relevant hands-on work experience. The amount of work experience required can vary by test. There are 52 ASE certification tests grouped into specialties such as automobile, medium/heavy truck, truck equipment, school bus, collision repair, and more. In Charlotte, North Carolina NTB Tire & Service Centers ASE certified Steven Breen has spent 25 years in the industry. Breen explains that there are eight certifications needed to be a master tech, followed by advanced levels. “The company offers an easy route to ASE Certification,” Breen said. “It has provided me better positions and better pay. Maybe in the future, when I put my tools away, I’ll be a Service Manager.”


Becoming ASE certified is not an easy feat. To attain ASE Certification, technicians must complete a minimum of 2 years of qualified work experience and pass a challenging test for each certification.


Certified Master Tech Chris Murillo at Tire Kingdom in northern Florida not only sees a clear path to progression in his chosen field but an opportunity for improvement. “Not only do I receive better pay and benefits through certification, but it holds my workmanship to a higher standard. It’s good for our customers,” he said. “ASE certification ensures quality and workmanship with vehicles on the road.” Said Sam Campbell, Master Tech at Big O Tires in Republic, Missouri. “I plan on getting more advanced certifications soon. My ultimate goal is to be world-class certified, so I can be the best I can be.”


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