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TBC Brands Introduces All-New Power King Navitrac Commercial Truck Tire Portfolio

Reimagined Portfolio Offers Quality and Value with Every Tire 

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. (July 8, 2024) – TBC Brands, a subsidiary of TBC Corporation, one of the largest distributors of private brand tires in North America, today announced the introduction of the all-new Power King Navitrac medium radial truck tire portfolio – now with state of the art tread compounds, retreadable casing and key industry size requirements. 


Built to perform, the refreshed Navitrac portfolio is produced in a new state-of-the-art production facility and includes six power lines with sizes ranging from 17.5” regional all-position to a 385/65R22.5 wide-based mixed service. In addition, every Navitrac tire is backed by a five-year, two-retread warranty package to help give fleets confidence on the road. 


“TBC Brands is dedicated to providing products of the highest quality and value to our customers,” said Bill Schafer, chief operating officer for TBC Brands and TBC International. “From steer, all-position and trailer to mixed service tread design, we reimagined the Power King Navitrac commercial truck tire portfolio to optimize quality, appearance and performance, at a competitive price point.”


The Navitrac portfolio is exclusively distributed in North America by TBC Corporation and features six lines, including:  


Navitrac NRS20 – Regional All-Position

Created for on-highway steer and trailer positions, the Navitrac NRS20 features a broad five-rib tread pattern for precise handling, excellent stability, and wide circumferential grooves to efficiently evacuate water from the tread area.


Navitrac NLT22 – Line-Haul/Regional Trailer Tire

Designed for on-highway trailer applications, the Navitrac NLT22 features a five-rib pattern and shallow tread to reduce irregular wear, optimized casing to reduce rolling resistance, and solid shoulder ribs to minimize skid wear.


Navitrac NLD25 – Closed Shoulder Drive Tire

Suited for line-haul and regional highway applications, the Navitrac NLD25 features 27/32nds tread depth and 230 mm tread width for extended tread life, greater stability and resistance to uneven wear with tread blocks for superior traction and resistance to tread squirm.


Navitrac NRD28 – Regional Drive Tire

Well-matched for regional and local highway and mixed service applications, the Navitrac NRD28 features an aggressive, open shoulder tread design for improved self-cleaning and superior traction, sipes for improved wet grip and deep tread depth for excellent tread life.


Navitrac NMA20 – Mixed Service All-Position Tire

Suitable for on- and off-road applications, the Navitrac NMA20 is designed to deliver class-leading cut/chip resistance and features a four-rib design to minimize stone retention, plus shoulder notches for maximum traction in rough terrain, and an extra-deep tread design and unique compound for extended tread life.

Navitrac NMS20 – Mixed Service Wide Base

Providing traction for both on and off-road applications, the Navitrac NMS20 is engineered to handle severe service applications such as heavy construction, features deep tread depth for excellent tread life and a four-belt package to deliver superior resistance to shocks and penetration.


For more information, visit and to learn more about Navitrac and other TBC commercial, agricultural and specialty tires.

About TBC Brands

TBC Brands LLC (TBC Brands) is one of the largest distributors of private brand tires in North America. Through its proprietary brands, TBC Brands provides retail customers access to an unparalleled range of consumer and commercial tire products and has been recognized for its strong commitment to quality, safety and value. TBC Brands is a division of TBC Wholesale Group, a subsidiary to TBC Corporation, and is comprised of TBC Brands, National Tire Wholesale, TBC International and TBC de Mexico. For more information, visit