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Big O Celebrates 60 Years of Legendary Service 

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 Palm Beach Gardens, FL – March 8, 2022 – Big O Tires, LLC, a subsidiary of TBC Corporation and one of North America’s largest retail tire and auto service franchisors with 460 locations in the United States, is celebrating its 60-year anniversary in 2022. Since its inception, Big O Tires has continued to find innovative ways to grow and adapt in the marketplace, reconfirming the brand’s commitment to be The Team You Trust by providing straight answers and legendary service. 


In 1962, a group of progressive independent tire dealers set out to exceed customer expectations and secure volume tire pricing by forming a tire buying co-operative. When it joined forces with TBC in 1996, Big O’s reach and resources were broadened to offer a wide selection of consumer automotive maintenance services. 


Today, Big O Tires has become an industry role model admired for its innovative approach to franchising and unmatched customer loyalty ratings. Providing customers with a broad range of automotive services in addition to quality tires (including its own Big O brand), wheels, and accessories, Big O delivered a record-breaking sales performance in FY21. 


To mark its 60th anniversary as a company, Big O will celebrate its achievements, while shaping the future at the upcoming Big O Tires convention. With a theme of it’s Only the Beginning, more than 800 franchise owners, managers, corporate associates, and suppliers will gather together in Dallas where big things happen at the end of June. As a throwback and to pay homage to their legacy, Big O will use its original logo throughout the year, denoting its celebratory 60th anniversary. 


“To this day Big O is still driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders, which has enabled us to constantly push new boundaries, grow our footprint and continually expand our product offering while delighting our customers with honest, worry-free service,” said Jim Bull, Vice President & General Manager of Big O Tires. “We have achieved this milestone through the hard work and dedication of our franchisees and our associates building a strong customer-centric tire and automotive service business. The last 60 years has truly given us plenty of reasons to celebrate.” 


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