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TBC Corporation Announces a Hybrid Work Environment

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PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL — March 2022 — TBC Corporation, a leader in the tire and automotive service industry with several trusted well-known brands, including retail brands Tire Kingdom Service Centers and NTB Tire & Service Centers, and franchise brands Big O Tires and Midas, has reimagined the traditional corporate work model to meet the evolving expectations of associates.


Recently, TBC has embraced and adopted a hybrid work environment that combines aspects of remote and in-office working in an effort to adapt to how its team works best while creating experiences that reach all associates. This flexible work schedule allows associates on the senior management level and below the ability to work from home three days per week while also pairing the opportunity for heads-down work with onsite collaboration. The newly implemented workstyle has provided associates the opportunity to get work done when they’re most productive.


To ensure associates are able to effectively develop connections and coordinate with their colleagues, TBC has provided digital tools that allow a seamless collaborative work space. These innovative tools coupled with the hybrid work design, established an environment for each associate to thrive and grow while enjoying the flexibility to balance work with personal life.


“Our leadership team recognized our associates’ desire for more flexibility and a better work-life balance,” said Megan Filoon, Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer for TBC Corporation. “We determined that a hybrid work model would empower associates to work with their strengths and provide more opportunities for continuous learning and improved collaboration. We remain dedicated to enhancing their well-being and building an agile, productive future for TBC and its associates.”


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